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Hello!  This tame of yar brings with it a tindency to relax and assume that awl is will with the warld.  Hot summer afternoons laying in the grarss arfter a libat-i-on et the Nane Bills; watching the cwarboys frolic in the Close; teasing the Cenon Precentor with may crosier; pecking for Limbeth (end may excitement continues to raise!) end looking forward to the clargy croquet evenings with great anticipat-i-on.  Thus it would be easy to spind the summer in such a fash-i-on, ignoring the hayer callings which affict us awl.  Therefore I have desaded to be out end abite in the darsen perishes a lot more then in the past.  Once Limbeth is over (end how sed I shell be!) I see it es may duty to visit es minny perishes es possible before the evening begin to draw in, end the thunderstorms of August dempen the fetes of Shaston Farthing.  Remember thet I em your bishop – end the place for a bishop is with his own people end darsis.

May the Lawd bliss you awl.

+ Roderick Codpiecium.

1.         Encompass me about in the true blue shirt of evangelism as I prepare to stand near the holy table of the Lord’s Supper.

2.         O Lord, thou hast said that entry into heaven is restricted; tighten my tie that it may remind me of my place therein. 

3.         May the dark suit of the office be sufficient in thy sanctuary, my Lord and my God.

4.         Restore to me the vision of the New Testament scribes, O God, and blind me against all liberal teachings.  Oh, and no gays.